About us

Our Mission

Supplements that deliver serious performance for both amateur and professional athletes at all ages.

The finest sports nutrition that helps athletes develop and excel in their own sporting performances, to achieve the unachievable.

Finally, quite simply supplying the best supplements on the market at the lowest prices possible.

In the beginning

Well, it’s taken 2 years to develop but after many late nights and long 7 day weeks Supplements Direct® was born. It’s been a vision of mine to create a superb range of sports nutrition and health supplements for both amateur and professional athletes.

My aim from the beginning was to develop each product so that it exceeds in quality and excellence throughout every single part of the manufacturing process, from the best ethically sourced raw ingredients manufactured in the very finest facilities to the final completed product delivered to your door by the best delivery driver.

Yes I want to make sure everything is literally the best it can be. Sometimes that’s been a very difficult task let me assure you!

As many of you will know when you start a business the name is one of the first things that you need to decide upon and believe me in today’s digital world it’s not as easy as you would think. Our name; Supplements Direct® was dreamed up one spring afternoon, from that moment on I have been living, eating and sleeping the dream of launching supplementsdirect.com to the world.

Eventually, and after much time testing, trying and tasting we launched the Supplements Direct brand and all the many products you can see on the site. The story now continues with your help and support, but what I would ask you is to please take a look around our site and more importantly the SD range of products that we have designed for both men and women.

We always like to get feedback (good and bad, of course!) from all of you out there, please tell us if there is a particular supplement you are looking for and you cannot find. We will do our very best to stock supplements that you are searching for. After all, we certainly don’t claim to be perfect but we are always looking to improve and be better!